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Site Reliability Engineer

15+ years in test automation, development, and QA

AWS certified, Ruby, Javascript, WebDriver, APIs, Docker


Years of Working Experience

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I’m an experienced professional with a background in SaaS Applications with AWS technologies, APIs, and Automated Testing.

Amazon Web Services

I’m experienced with applications built with AWS cloud technologies such as EC2, S3, SQS, Fargate, and others.


I’ve used Docker to run large, multi-container development environments, and automated testing environments.

GitHub, Buddy, and Jenkins

I have experience working on projects that leverage CI/CD through the full development life-cycle from deploying to staging and production environments, to test environments.

Python, Ruby on Rails, Node.JS, and more

Hands-on experience with languages such as Python, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Node.JS, C# .NET, BASH scripting.

API Development

Strong background integrating 3rd party apps into commercial products using published APIs.

Scripting for Test Automation

Extensive experience writing test automation scripts in Node.JS, C#, and Ruby for browser-based test suites.

Always Learning

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

My Work Experience

Integration Developer & Test Automation
Rewind Software

AWS, Docker, Github CI, Buddy.Works, Ruby on Rails, Python, Javascript, Node.JS, Bash shell scripting, WebDriver, Mac OS & Linux

While at Rewind, I had the chance to work with a cool mix of technologies while implementing new support for 3rd-party platforms.

Using Python, Ruby on Rails, AWS, Docker, and other technologies, we crafted solid backup and restore solutions for SaaS applications.

I was on the team that brought to market backup and restore support for Atlassian Confluence (link), and expanded the coverage for Atlassian Jira and Jira Service Management (link) helping the company earn Atlassian’s “Partner of the Year” award for 2022 (link).

The fast-paced and experimental nature at Rewind pushed me out of my comfort zone, providing invaluable opportunities for growth and development.

Quality Engineer
Assent Inc.

Jenkins, C#, Selenium WebDriver, Windows, SQL Server

At Assent, it was cool to see how everyone was committed to supply chain sustainability and making a real impact on the world. I enjoyed working with colleagues who cared about promoting sustainable practices in various industries.

I headed a five-member software QA team in creating and applying quality-assurance tests and processes, including helping to develop the company’s first automated browser-based test suite.

Using Selenium WebDriver, C#, and Jenkins, I put in place the company’s first automated browser-based test suite and worked to improve the overall software quality assurance process.

Quality Engineer
Canada Newswire

Java, Javascript, Postman, Bash shell scripting, Lucene, Hadoop, Kafka, Windows & Linux

When I was at Canada Newswire, I was really proud to be on a team that was leading the way in media intelligence and communications.

I was on a team responsible for testing the performance, document ingestion, and analysis of third-party content. The system ingested media such as digitized print, internet, and broadcast TV content.

I carried out performance and API testing using Java, Javascript, and PostMan for a custom content search and retrieval system.

Was also my first taste of devops where I tested the product deployment to make sure it always went according to plan.

B.Sc Computer Science
Lakehead University

My time at Lakehead was a transformative experience. I pursued my passion for computer science and also had the opportunity to explore the practical side of my education through a co-op work placement at Weyerhauser Paper.

My Side Projects

Using the Shopify and Facebook Ads platforms, I started an e-commerce venture.

I learned a ton about store design and UX, product design, customer acquisition, advertisement, budgeting, and logistics.

Was a ton of fun Apple’s iOS 14 update really threw a wrench in Facebook’s Ads platform. In the end, it was hard to effectively target customers and keep the store profitable.

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An Adventurous Spirit Too

Time flies. I recently travelled with my kids before they grew up.

The kids were growing up fast, and it wasn’t long before they would fly the coop. Sitting in a chair all day was starting to hurt. The commute was wearing us down. And oh, what’s this? U2 is now on the classic rock station? I don’t think so!

So in 2019, my wife and I decided to sell everything and take our three teens on a trip across Canada and the US. My employer was entirely on board with me trying this, so I started working remotely. Hey if it didn’t work out, we’d just stop. So we bit the bullet and took off.

We’ve since settled down in Kelowna, British Columbia, but it was an amazing adventure I will never forget.

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